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For a true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.







Why is this so adorable

Gay lions, guys

It’s a gay pride.

Reblogging for adorable, also that awful, horrible pun.

Fun, but also true fact for the day. Lions are one of the mammals aside from humans that have a high tendency to be find a partner of the same gender. Apparently, Gay Lions are not something that is rare. 

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If you define yourself as an Elsanna shipper you will read this.

Elsanna + Fluff + Hilarious moments = WIN

What’s it about?

Summary: In which an act of True Love is traditionally followed by marriage, no matter how much Elsa refuses to believe that things like this just aren’t done.

AN: So of course after years (cough-overadecadeyouass) of inactivity, the thing that brings me back is incestuous lesbian Disney sisters. So TW for Elsanna/icest - don’t like, don’t read - if you continue on and are offended, I can’t help that you’re a moron. Anyways, I was drowning in the angst that is the Elsanna fandom, and I just really wanted some light-hearted comedy where our protagonists are cute oblivious idiots in love and everyone knows it, and this idea wouldn’t just get out of my head. I’m also pretty sure my writing is actually worse than it used to be, so apologies.

Still aren’t sure? Read the following:


"Yes, your majesty."



"And Anna’s."


"To each other."

"Just so."

Elsa glared in bewilderment, but suspected her expression lost quite a bit of menace with the blush she could feel heating her cheeks.

"We are sisters.

The entire council room seemed to shrug.

"Apparently True Love trumps that."

Elsa could practically hear the capital letters. “It would be a scandal!”

"Actually, in the court of popular opinion, it’s more scandalous that you two aren’t married already."

"What? How?!" Elsa could safely say she was completely and utterly flummoxed.

"An unwed couple cohabiting-"

"We are the Queen and Princess, we are supposed to live in the castle!"

"-sharing a bed-"

"We do not share a bed!"

"-a fact which Princess Anna has cheerfully and publicly announced in the town square a few weeks past-"

Elsa abandoned decorum and buried her face in her hands. Oh, Anna. "It was a sleepover! We are trying to reconnect. As siblings!" She felt compelled to add again.


"Plus, people are starting to talk about the delay. They think you’re getting cold feet."

Elsa stared. The room hushed. A few long, agonizing seconds silently passed. A crow cawed in the distance.

The councillor cleared his throat, finally looking a bit embarrassed, an expression the Queen thought was quite frankly overdue. “…Yes, they are purposely using that phrase. Puns are making a comeback.”

Elsa sighed, feeling very much like she was going to lose this particular argument. “I still find it hard to believe the entire kingdom is cheering for me to wed another woman, much less my sister.”

"Well naturally there are a few dissenters, but even those you’d think would raise a fuss were quite tolerant about it. There were surveys."

Down by the docks:

"Well, any bloke’s that keeping her royal-ness from turning the fjords into a glorified ice rink’s a bloke what deserves the job, and if that bloke jes’ happens to be her sister, well, what’s another bloke to protest? The queen ain’t gonna melt fer me.

At the playground:

"It’s True Love! They haveta get married! If they don’t there won’t be a happily ever after! And if there’s no happily ever after there’ll be no more parties! And if there are no more parties there’ll be no more cake! And if there’s no more cake we’ll DIE.

At the local country club:

"Indeed, this is all quite unconventional, but Royalty always had that touch of strangeness. And now we don’t have any worries of some upstart rapscallion foreigner barging his way onto the throne. It wouldn’t do to have any more ‘Prince Hans’ showing up, for they’re certainly out there. Yes, the Queen and Princess will protect each other and the royal throne from such dastardly kingdom grabbers."

At the Church of Arendelle:

"There is no argument to be made of True Love. That is all that matters."

The Valley of the Living Rock:

"Well that explains why she was holding back from such a man!"

Elsa gaped in the most undignified manner. She wasn’t sure what was more surprising. The fact that the citizens of Arendelle expected her to marry her sister or that an entire faction of her government had apparently conducted some very thorough research on the matter of her marrying her sister all while she was blissfully unaware.

And the winning ACE:

"Well, everybody has assumed that you and Elsa are engaged to be married." Okay, that may have been a little blunt. "It’s sort of common knowledge." Okay, that wasn’t much better. “The entire kingdom is sort of waiting for you guys to publicly announce the wedding date.” God, I’m so bad at this. By his side, Sven rolled his eyes in agreement.

Anna gaped at Kristoff. “You knew about all of this? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Kristoff scratched his head a bit sheepishly. “Well, I kind of thought you already knew. I mean, it made sense, True Love and all that. Not to mention, that one time at the clothing shop when you picked out lingerie for Elsa.”

"It was a gift!"

"You bought yourself a matching pair."

"I really liked the design!"

"When the saleslady winked and asked you what the special occasion was you told her it was your one month anniversary with Elsa."

"It was! Of our reconciliation! You know, of when I thawed! Gosh, I had no idea she was implying something else!

Kristoff grinned at the bright red glow radiating from the petite girl in from of him. “Well, you certainly made her day. She was the belle of the town gossip ball.” Anna groaned and covered her eyes in embarrassment. He really shouldn’t tease her like this, but flustered Anna was just so adorable.

Anna let out a small whine. “Oh no, it all makes so much sense now. All those questions about whether Elsa preferred to unwrap her gifts slowly from intricate layers or a quick reveal with the simple tug of a bow…” Kristoff could barely hold back the guffaw threatening to bust his gut. “…And all that leering…” Kristoff’s stomach was starting to hurt. “…And oh, oh-Oh MY GOD! Kristoff! When she asked me if I needed any ‘accessories’ I told her Elsa preferred to make her own! Y’know, out of ice! I thought she was talking about jewelry! What was she really saying?! WHAT?!”

Kristoff lost it.



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So far, I have been enjoying the Adventures of Business Cat a great deal, possibly more than is appropriate for an adult human. (All of these are from the webcomic Happy Jar)

UPDATE: Now with more Business.


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Fire!Elsa will be the death of me (not that I mind)

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you have to drag it a bit past the line until its off the post and  the cursor gets sucked into the fucking shadow realm




you have to drag it a bit past the line until its off the post and  the cursor gets sucked into the fucking shadow realm


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anna acting like kristen bell

requested by: anonymous

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Frozen Dark!AU fic: DAGGERS


Frozen Dark!AU

Inspired by THIS ask, based on patronustrip weapons art


“But why father! All the other recruits are already training with them! Why can’t I?” complains ten year old Anna following her father around the castle.

“Yes, proceed with this reports Kai,” the king gives some papers to his most faithful servant and then turns to talk to his youngest, “because you are a PRINCESS and NOT a recruit. I don’t even know why I allow you to go to the barracks in the first place.”

“I’m NOT just a princess father,” retorts Anna, “I’m Elsa’s knight! I need to learn what everyone else is learning so I can protect Elsa!”

“For the last time Anna: NO,” the king’s tone was final, “I let you learn sword fighting due to your mother’s insistence, but not even her will help you this time. No daughter of mine will learn how to throw daggers to people.” And with that he left Anna alone in the middle of the hall.

Anna was beyond mad! She was a knight and a very good one to boot! She was the best at sword fighting and horseback riding. She was also doing great at archery and all the senior soldiers treated her like she was one of their own. At first they were kind because she ‘was the princes’ but soon Anna showed them that titles weren’t important. She was a knight, she worked hard to gain everyone respect… and now dad was halting all her progress just because he thought that ‘daggers are not suitable for her’.

She vented her anger with the armors in the halls. After she finished it looked like a hurricane had passed through the castle. She stomped her way to the stables. Maybe a long ride with her horse would help her cool her head. She passed beside the kitchens, dodging a few servants carrying the empty lunch trays. A silver knife fell from one of the trays. Anna picked it up immediately and examined the silverware. A little wicked smile appeared on her face.

So dad wouldn’t let her learn dagger throwing? Well, he didn’t say anything about knives.


“Cynthia, wait,” Elsa stops the maid that had just brought her meal, “What’s the meaning of this?” says the eldest princess showing her a piece of silverware, it was a butter knife, “I can’t cut my meat with this.”

“I apologize your Highness,” says Cynthia with a low bow, “but it seems that all the knives had been dissapearing for the last two days. We had to improvise.”

“Ok then, you can leave,” the maid bows again and leaves quickly. Elsa inspected the butter knife and, using her ice, transformed it into a practical tool to cut her meat. She found funny all this ‘silverware dissapearing’ case. It meant that someone was stealing from the castle and, when they caught him, some kind of punishment would take place. She was halfway throw her meal when she heard it.



“Anna?” Elsa approached her window. There, in the back courtyard, was her little sister… throwing cutlery to a wall? Huh… it seems Elsa had just discovered ‘the knives thief’


“All that sneaking into the kitchen for nothing,” says Anna as she picks up the knives, most of them already bent or chipped. She repositions herself a few feet from the wall. She had improvised a target in the brick wall, but most of her throws were off and hit bricks.

She had tried to sneak into the dagger practice yesterday, but the captain had strict orders to not let her participate or even watch. She threw again. Brick.

“You are holding it wrong,” said a voice behind her. Anna turns.

“Elsa! What are you doing here?”

“The view from my window is not as good. I decided to come down,” Anna blushed, her beloved sister had seen her failure. “You are also not using the adequate instruments to practice,” continued Elsa, “This knives are neither sharp enough nor have the correct blade-hilt balance”

Anna was amazed. Elsa knew about weapons?

“Don’t look at me like that,” said Elsa blushing, “I just read that in a book.”

“Your light reading before bed is ‘The blacksmith manual’ or something?”

“You know I don’t fancy fairy tales.” Answered Elsa, “besides, you ARE my knight (don’t listen to father) and I fancy the idea of, someday, make weapons for you… you know… with my ice.”

Anna was speachless… and very touched… but she wouldn’t say that. A knight never let her emotions show.

“Here,” continued Elsa, “try with this, I’ve also been practicing, you know” Elsa offered her an ice dagger. It didn’t have many details, but it seemed functional, “hold it like this (Elsa positioned the dagger in her little sister’s hand) aim, and throw”

Anna did. The ice hit the target.

“I did it!”

The next day all the cutlery reappeared. Not in the best shape, but at least now they could order new ones.


For the next days couple of weeks Elsa and Anna sneaked away to different locations for Anna (and sometimes Elsa) to practice. Elsa’s daggers were more accurate each time, and she included little details here and there.

Anna’s aim also improved, to the point that she could hit a falling tree leave from a 500 feet distance. Until one day…


… their father found out.

Elsa and Anna looked at each other… then at their father… then at the ice dagger in Anna’s hand… at each other again… and smiled.

Next thing the king knew was that his crown had been blown from his head by that sharp-ice-thingy and that Anna had been the one to throw it. The king was speachless… for a second, then he started yelling.

A few hours (and a severe punishment) later they made an agreement and Anna was allowed to attend the barracks again (not that it was of any use to her now as she was better at dagger throwing than every recruit there) as long as she NEVER threw anything at someone never again.

The promise lasted for three days. She started using everyone around her as targets. It was just that… mobile targets were more amusing… and Elsa’s encouragement didn’t help.

Knock the glass out of his hand… knock the book… knock the trail… blow off his hat… her fan… her handkerchief…

Everyone started avoiding the princesses. After the 50th complain, the king had just started to ignore them.


“Anna, are you awake?”

“Yes, what is it?”

“I have something for you,” said the thirteen year old entering her sister’s chambers.

“A gift?”

“Yes, close your eyes and extend your hands,” Anna did. Elsa placed her gift over her extended hands, it was cold.

“You can open your eyes now”

The ten year old gasped when she saw her gift. It was a mean looking dagger made of Elsa’s ice. The hilt was covered in stripes of leather.

“This is for me? Oh Elsa, it’s beautiful”

“I just thought that I won’t always be there providing daggers so… I made one for you… My first creation for you. I called it ‘Hailbringer’, cool huh?”

“Totally,” Anna aimed and threw Hailbringer. The dagger hit a moth mid fly and nailed it to the wall, “It’s perfect.”


Another little Dark!AU… I reapeat: Inspired by THIS ask, based on patronustrip weapons art

Hope you liked it :D

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Guys … we need help.


Homeless shelter is transformed into 5-star restaurant, hot food and warm hearts all around.  See the full video here. 

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